Arru Arabana kari​​

Nikki ananthara-kunha wadlhu, arni pankirda Urrkari Nikki ngurra-nga

Hello, welcome Arabana People 


This is our home site. We are glad you are here.


On behalf of the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation, I welcome you to our website. 


This website is for Traditional Owners of Arabana Country to learn, share and engage with our culture, Country and people.


If you want to know more about Arabana Country, our people and culture, please contact us.



Arabana Aboriginal Corporation



The Arabana Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 7729) is the Registered Native Title Body Corporate that adminsters lands and waters on behalf of the Arabana people.


For a technical description of what we do, please follow this link to the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation page on the South Australian Native Title web site 


The Board of Directors


The Arabana Aboriginal Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors. There are currently 12 members of the Board of Directors.

The secretariat


The Arabana Aboriginal Corporation engages the services of Camatta Lempens to provide administrative assistance.

We are in the process of transferring administrative duties back to within the AAC.

The primary way to contact the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation is through the email, or using the form on this website.

Our main contact at Camatta Lempens is through the office of Stephen Kenny.



Our tribal name is Ngurabanna, the land of the mound springs.
Mound springs are precious water holes that spread far and wide accross our Country.
The springs are central to our culture and they help sustain life in our beautiful, dessert lands.
In 2012, we decided to call our organisation Arabana, which means Sturt Desert Pea, the unique flower that blossoms in the Arabana desert after winter rains.
In 2012, we were also granted Native Title to over 69000 square kilometres of Australia, in recognition of our ancient and ongoing connection to Ngurabanna Country.
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