• Rob Palmer

Draft heritage report for the Woodmurra Project ready for download

The draft cultural heritage report of Allandale and Macumba Stations for the Woodmurra Project is now availabe for download.

The report documents cultural heritage examinations for a drilling program within a section of Exploration Licence (EL) 5514 conducted by BHT Minerals Pty Ltd as part of the Woodmurra Project on Allandale and Macumba Stations.

A series of recomendations have been made such as culturally sensitive landforms comprising claypans, water-holding sandy depressions, sand ridges and dunes, creek lines and banks, hills, outcropping stone sources including silcrete gibber boulders, breakaways and ranges are to be avoided during all exploration and development activities.

Please click here to download the report.


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