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Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) helping more Indigenous Australians own their own home.

IBA home loans are available to Indigenous Australians buying, in most cases, their first home and who are unable to borrow all of the required funds from another lender (for example, a bank or credit union).

IBA offers home loan products to enable eligible customers to buy:

  • an established residential property

  • an established residential property and upgrade

  • land and construct a new home

Additional assistance is available to customers living in remote areas or who are relocating from a remote area.

IBA also offers loan products for other housing-related purposes – for example, to fund essential repairs or improvements to an existing home, or to refinance an existing loan in cases of family break-up or where there is a change in financial circumstances that would result in the family home being sold.

Where do I start?

IBA offers a series of workshops to provide you with the information and tools to move forward. Understanding the process with IBA including timeframes, eligibility criteria and how to get yourself financially ready, are the keys to a successful outcome.

During the workshops, you can ask questions and gain valuable knowledge and confidence to navigate the home ownership process.

Workshops are run mainly online, though from time to time we offer face to face workshops, in limited locations.

We spoke with IBA recently and if there is enough interest, they may hold a face to face workshop in Adelaide at the end of May. If you are interested in attending an Adelaide workshop, please contact IBA with your expression of interest by visiting their website:

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