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All Arabana Common Law/Native Title Holders will soon receive a letter with a postal ballot in relation to the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (AAC) entering into three Part 9B Native Title Mining Exploration Agreements. The Agreements are between:

1. AAC and BHP Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd;

2. AAC and Oz Exploration Pty Ltd; and

3. AAC and Strategic Caldera Pty Ltd.

The three Part 9B Native Title Mining Exploration Agreements that you are being asked to vote on are the same type of exploration agreements that Arabana Native Title Holders have authorised the AAC to enter into with various mining companies over the years.

The agreements tell the companies and AAC what their rights and responsibilities are when the company is doing exploration activities on Arabana Country. The companies have been granted exploration licences by the State Government for certain areas on Arabana Country. They relate to exploring, not mining.

IMPORTANT: In relation to BHP, please note the exploration agreement that you are being asked to vote on IS NOT the bigger agreement about water use, history with Western Mining/BHP and the impact on Arabana Country that AAC and BHP are negotiating. That is a separate agreement and is still being negotiated.

You will shortly receive a letter and ballot paper which includes a plain English summary of the agreement terms clause by clause for each agreement. Copies of the agreements are available from the Arabana office.


The Board is holding a postal vote to ensure that all Arabana Common Law/Native Title Holders can participate, not just those living in Port Augusta or able to attend meetings there.

As a Arabana Common Law Holder/Native Title Holder you will be asked to vote about whether or not you authorise the AAC to enter into the three Exploration Agreements.

The Board urge you to vote yes to all questions and return your ballot.

Ballots must be returned by 18 September 2023.

If you do not receive your ballot paper within the next week, please contact the Arabana office for further information.

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