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Exploring Arabana Country

Last week, our Business Development Manager and Head Ranger took an amazing trip through Arabana country, experiencing the stunning landscapes and rich culture that define Arabana heritage.

Their journey included stops at Marree, Alberrie, Finniss Springs, Coward Springs, Stuarts Creek, Mound Springs - The Bubbler and Blanche Cup, Kati Thanda, and William Creek, returning through Roxby Downs.

In Marree, they received a warm welcome at the Marree Hotel and enjoyed connecting with the community at the Marree Aboriginal School. The Marree Roadhouse Motel & Oasis Cafe also provided a good morning coffee, chat and fuel to get them on their way early the next morning.

A special shout out to Reg Dodd from the Marree Arabunna Museum for sharing a few fascinating personal stories about Arabana history and culture.

At Finniss Springs, our team had the chance to join the rest of the Arabana Rangers to wander and take photos for hours, taking in the significant history and stunning views. The Mound Springs, including The Bubbler and Blanche Cup, highlighted the ancient natural wonders of Arabana land. The visit to the ancient Aboriginal rock etchings and on to Kati Thanda was particularly memorable with its serene landscape holding deep cultural significance.

The next stop was William Creek, the William Creek Hotel's hospitality was top-notch, and conversations with the many patrons over dinner making the stay enjoyable. The trip wrapped up heading back down through Stuarts Creek and Roxby Downs, with even more photos and appreciation for Arabana country.

This trip wasn’t just about exploring beautiful places; it was about deepening our connection to Arabana heritage. We're grateful to all the people that welcomed our team and shared stories, and for those they did not get to connect with on this trip, they will definitely catch on the next. Our team captured some fantastic photos that we would love to share with you.

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