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Arabana Language Project 2023/24

A program of online (MS teams) Arabana Language sessions (accessible through your phone, iPad or computer) is being offered from August 7th to 20th November 2023 then from 5th February to 20th May 2024. The one-hour sessions will focus on Survival Phases, that is the words and sentences needed to begin talking in wangka Arabana. The Master/Apprentice model (Hinton, Vera, Steele 2002) is being used where asmuch language as possible is used for instruction, to discuss an activity, to correct, to ask questions, to include new words etc. Gestures, body movement, facial expressions, memory, and listening are very important. So is scaffolded learning across the MS Teams lessons.

Patience is required at each step of the way. Notably a lot of work goes into preparation in order to support learnersand Elder speakers.

This project is funded through a grant from First Languages Australia, Priority Languages 2023. If you are interested in joining on MS teams please provide your email address to You can also call Veronica Arbon on 0410920338 to discuss the program.

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