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Behind the Scenes Film - Arabana Ranger Media Training

Take a look at this behind the scenes film from Arabana Rangers honing their skills with some fantastic media training! The Rangers are dedicated to sharing the stories of our land and culture. This training equips our Rangers to better communicate their important work and connect with our community.

The media training covered various aspects of modern media communication, including video production, photography, and interview techniques. Rangers learned how to effectively use cameras, recorders, and editing software to create compelling and authentic content. By mastering these skills, the Arabana Rangers are now better equipped to document their vital conservation work and the stories of the Arabana community.

The training emphasised the importance of storytelling in conservation efforts. By capturing and sharing the unique experiences and knowledge of the Arabana people, the Rangers can raise awareness about the significance of preserving our cultural heritage and natural environment. The content created by the Rangers can be shared across various platforms, including social media, the Arabana Corporation's website, and community events.

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