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Growing South Australia’s Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation Sector

We recently joined an event aimed at consulting with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations (ACCOs) across SA. We wanted to dive into a few key things:

  • Figuring out what's working well and what's strong in the ACCO sector right now.

  • Hearing about where ACCOs want to go in the future and who they want to team up with.

  • Finding out what's helping or holding back the growth and lasting power of the ACCO scene.

We had Bill from KSJ Consulting Service facilitate the session, a totally Aboriginal-run business, who are leading workshops all over the state. We encourage all ACCOs in South Australia to jump in and share their thoughts in this vital process.

Your input is super important because it'll help in two big ways:

  • Shaping a government framework that'll guide agencies on how to better connect with ACCOs and pump more funding into the sector ("the Framework").

  • Helping craft an ACCO sector Strategic Plan that'll map out where the sector's at now and what areas need to grow and get stronger ("the ACCO sector Strategic Plan").

There are still some workshops to attend until engagement closes on 24th May so get involved and find out more by:

Have your say by:

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