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Nhiki arnantharakunha wadlhu ularaka nganha

Updated: Mar 22

Nhiki arnantharakunha wadlhu ularaka nganha

This is our country also history. So become an Arabana Heritage Monitor.


If you’re ready to travel Arabana wadlhu (country) and honour ularaka (history) come and join. Learn the ways to become an Arabana Monitor to help protect your heritage across our desert and spring country.

Why join us?

  • Show your passion for learning and preserving Arabana heritage

  • Be a part of the Wadlhu Ngurrku-Ku Plan

  • Travel around country and hear all the old stories

What’s in it for you!

  • As an Arabana Heritage Monitor, you're not just protecting country and history; you're affirming the mungara (essence) and muyu (understandings) of younger nharla wathili

  • You spend time with Elders and knowledge holders forming bonds of learning that last a lifetime

  • Whether you already have culture knowledge or just starting to learn about your Arabana heritage, every day is a chance to learn, grow, and make a difference!


  • Arabana udlyurla? Yep!

  • Want to learn about Arabana country, history, and culture? Absolutely!

  • Lhuka Kuya, Mankarra, Kaku, Ngawilyi, Nhupa, Kadnhini, Amanya - We welcome all ages!


How to get in on the action:

If you’re game and want to know more, put your name, phone number and email on the list for potential future heritage work.

Phone: 08) 8641 1583

Drop into: Arabana House, 48 Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta

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