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Thank you to all Arabana People who participated in the postal vote in relation to the M6 Pipeline Heritage Agreement with BHP.

98.9% voted yes to making the decision by postal vote.

97.8% voted yes to authorise the Corporation to enter into the M6 Heritage Agreement with BHP.

The detailed results of the vote are:

Vote 1:

1. I, as an Arabana Common Law/Native Title Holder agree:

a. to the Arabana making decisions by a postal vote;

b. that each Arabana Common Law/Native Title Holder over the age of 18 years shall have one vote; and

c. the decision shall be by majority voting in favour.

Yes: 93

No 1

Vote 2:

2. I authorise the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC to enter into the Additional M6 Pipeline Works (PS6C to 80km pit) Arabana Heritage Agreement with BHP Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd.

Yes: 92

No: 2

BHP will build the purpose built accommodation block for Arabana people for short terms stays to visit Country and Arabana Rangers in Marree (which as you know is a commitment they made under the M6 Heritage Agreement).

We will be working closely with BHP on this project and will keep you updated about opportunities to be involved, contracts for tender that are put out by BHP in relation to this project, and the project’s progress.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the vote.

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